Default post thumbnails

WordPress 2.9 added support for post thumbnails but you have to set the thumbnail for each post you want to have a thumbnail. If your site already has hundreds of posts adding a thumbnail image for each post will be a lot of work even if you only want the same image for each old post.

This plugin allows you to specify a default post thumbnail for posts that doesn’t have a thumbnail set.

This plugin requires that you have enabled support for post thumbnails in your theme (you can enable it by adding this 2 lines in your theme).

if ( function_exists(‘add_theme_support’) ) {
add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’); }

How to use this plugin

After activation go to “Settings -> Default Post Thumbnail” to set the image to be used as the default thumbnail image for your posts.

You can select the thumbnail from the images already uploaded to your media library.

Now all your posts will have a thumbnail image.

When you create a new post or edit an already published post the default image and a note will be displayed in the “Page Image” box.

If you set a thumbnail for the post the note and the default image will be removed when you save/publish the post. And in your site you can see that now all the posts have a thumbnail.

Download Default Post Thumbnails plugin from the WordPress plugin repository