Applying CPR to this blog

Photo by Jackson Boyle

Again several WEEKS passed without a new post in this blog.

Why?, well the main reason is procrastination, if we add to that the number of feeds on my google reader account, Digg, Techmeme, my day job, research for my projects and the time spent stuck on Mexico city traffic that would be a good excuse for not posting.

Everyday by the time I finished reading the most interesting stuff, I have some ideas for a good blog post. But I need to justify my paycheck so have to work in the stuff I was hired to do, so I write some ideas on Google Documents, make a mental note, a bookmark, or post something on my Tumblr. By the time I get home I work a little on my side projects, then do some research and suddenly it’s midnight and another day has passed without posting on the blog.

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Multilanguage blog

Recently I was talking (well, it was a chat) with a friend about the content of my blog which is primarily in Spanish and he was asking if there is a plugin or something to translate the content to English. I got interested in finding a way to implement a multilanguage blog, the easiest way in the technical side would have been to create another blog in a subdomain or other domain and start doing it in English but that implied maintaining 2 separate sites and I want a single database and upload images or files just to one location.

Since this blog is powered by Mephisto the solution had to be written in ruby and one of the benefits or the Ruby language is that is really easy to implement solutions to most of the things you want or need and if you add to that the community of Rails developers you get the equivalent of the support that WordPress has, in the sense that almost everything you need in a blog is already done or is being developed by someone who has the same need as you.

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Netbeans IDE

Netbeans IDERecently Eclipse has been giving me problems, closing suddenly, troubles to start, too slow to start and when I was updating some plugins it started to some weird things when I write, every letter appeared to the left of the previous one. So I decided that it was time to change IDE and I found that NetBeans has added support to Ruby/Rails in a plugin and the reate of updates and new features is fast, so decided to try it.

From the start it seems to use less resources than Eclipse, and better yet, if you only need an IDE to Ruby/Rails there is a reduced version of the IDE (just 22MB). But what is interesting is that they are constantly adding options and features without letting bug fixing on a side.

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Trabajando con Rails

Me quede decepcionado al ver la cantidad de desarrolladores que trabajan con Ruby on Rails en Mexico; bueno, al menos los que se han registrado en Working with Rails

Hasta el momento solo 7 personas estan en la lista, son 7 de 5,532. Aqui esta la lista completa de los paises latinoamericanos:

  • Argentina – 23
  • Brasil – 79
  • Chile – 5
  • Colombia – 2
  • Costa Rica – 3
  • Republica Dominicana – 1
  • Ecuador – 1
  • Guatemala – 3
  • Mexico – 7
  • Peru – 4
  • Uruguay – 3
  • Venezuela – 3

Viendo la lista me di cuenta que no estan registrados varios amigos y personas que conozco que se que estan desarrollando con Ruby On Rails, pero aun asi veo que no son(somos) muchos.

Bueno, al menos seremos 8 cuando me registre :P

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Rails 1.2 RC

Mas de 6 meses han pasado desde el release de 1.1.x y el Rails Core Team ha estado ocupado introduciendo mejoras a este framework, entre las mejoras que se encuentran en este release candidate estan:
Cambios y mejoras a la implementacion REST
:format para respond_to que facilita el enviar datos dependiendo del tipo de peticion (html, xml)
Mejor soporte para Unicode

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Ya casi

El nuevo tema/diseño ya esta casi listo, solo voy a esperar a ver si esta semana se libera la version 0.7 de Mephisto, en caso de que no, el sabado lo pondre ya que arregle un par de detalles que se me ocurrieron. Estoy casi seguro que si pongo el nuevo tema el fin de semana, el lunes o martes saldra la nueva version y por alguna incompatibilidad no funcionara con el nuevo tema.

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Nuevo theme

Estoy trabajando en un nuevo tema para este blog, tome como inspiracion Greenery, y le agregare algunos detalles para hacerlo a mi gusto, tal vez no quede completamente a mi gusto, pero pues el diseño es lo que siempre me fallado.

Aqui esta un screenshot de como esta quedando: