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  1. Juan Carlos Lau on said:

    Dear Carlos,

    I’m using your widget and love the looking feel of the login pages matching my site, your custom login page solution is great!
    I’m new to PHP and WordPress and I have had some problems customizing my site to look like I want, but I’m doing some good progress.

    I’d like to get the logout page to also look like my site, how come you programmed your plugin to purposely avoid customizing this one? Could you help me on how to achieve this?

    Best regards,
    El Tocayo

    • admin on said:

      What do you mean? The logout page should look the same as the login. Perhaps something is wrong in the templates you used or another plugin is interfering.

      Please, send me an email with more details about your configuration to help you in this issue.

    • Yes, I plan to make a few changes and add some functionality to the plugin but I need some time to work on it.

  2. Hi Carlos,

    I am using the Custom Login on my site and integrating it with the SI CAPTCHA plugin from Mike Challis. You can find a blow by blow account at Custom Login Pages

    I managed to get your code working for everything except the lost password processing. (Including the addition of <?php do_action(‘login_form’); ?> to the customloginpages_show_loginform() function) The SI CAPTCHA lost password function has now been disabled.

    It boils down to this:

    What do you think the correct PHP call in “Custom Login Pages” should be to activate lost password processing in “SI CAPTCHA”?

    Is <?php do_action(‘lostpassword_form’); ?> correct? Where does the lostpassword_form specification come from.

    Thanks for a really good and useful plugin


    • admin on said:


      I sent you an email with the solution to this issue with “SI CAPTCHA” in the lost password form.

      I will release a new version of the plugin with this change a bit later.

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